luni, 14 noiembrie 2016

Finsbury and it’s amazing call girl

I wanted to try out the best feelings that London can provide me so I decided I would try out the services that the best escort agency has to offer, Nyx Escorts. I read a lot of great reviews about them and testimonials from customers that had really great experiences with them so I decided I would indulge in the services that they provide. I phoned them and I told them about my fantasies and about my dreams, even my inner most guiltiest pleasures just so I can see if they can deliver on their advertisements. They promised me that I would have a really personalised experience in the company of Carina., one of their most open minded and adventurous escorts in Finsbury and I have to admit, she was really, really beautiful. In real life she looked like she was just an innocent schoolgirl, but when we started our BDSM experience I realised that this woman is a true professional.

I loved the fact that she brought a lot of toys and uniforms and that our time spent together was very exciting and adventurous. She would stop at nothing from making all my dreams come true and from showing me the time of my life. This little escort was so eager to satisfy me that I wanted nothing more than to give her all the punishment I would give my regular submissive partner and trust me when I say that she was comfortable with everything I did. She was really experienced and she looked absolutely lovely dressed in her schoolgirl uniform tied up from her wrists and ankles. She was really pleasant and she had a lot of hidden talents and skills that made me lose my mind when she put them to practice. 

Every little thing of Carina was absolutely amazing, from her breasts to her legs to her luscious lips that were wrapped around me giving me the perfect OWO, this little vixen from Nyx Escorts was nothing less than the best sexual partner I had ever had. I loved every moment spent in her company and I loved to see how comfortable and eager she was to try everything that I wanted. It was a really special experience, and unique, just like Nyx Escorts promised. I trust them now with all my fantasies and dreams and I would like nothing more than to employ their services again and again. 

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