duminică, 13 noiembrie 2016

Cromwell Road escorts that blew my mind

It has been my fantasy for a long time to spend a beautiful night in the company of two amazing women that would give me a threesome experience so good that I would never forget it. These kind of moments are extremely rare and cannot be fulfilled so easy if you do not know anyone that is willing to give it to you, that is why I choose to employ the services of an escort agency that is both professional and discreet.

I went online and found a beautiful agency that promised to give it’s every customer an unique and personalised experience according to their most exigent requirements. I really loved the reviews and the testimonials that the customers of Nyx Escorts had for this amazing agency so I decided that I would try them out. Having said this I was completely stunned by what they offered me, they suggested I would go with the services that Marilyn and Adele, two of their most beautiful, open minded and adventurous Cromwell Road escorts they had. These two women did everything, a level, OWO, BDSM, striptease, they shied at nothing from giving their customers the best experiences in their life so I left all my inhibitions at home and went out to meet them.

Nothing was as beautiful as these two amazing escorts were, they looked absolutely stunning, the way they dressed, acted, kissed each other blew my mind. They were the definition of seductiveness and they were all for me for the whole night. When they started giving me the most beautiful tantric massage I ever received I felt my senses overload, they knew exactly where to touch a man to make him lose his mind. But I realised that both Marilyn and Adele were true professionals when they started giving me the best OWO I had ever received. The time I spent with them was nothing less than amazing, especially when we indulged in role play and they never broke character, not even once.

Nyx Escorts truly offered a unique and personalised experience for me with the help of this two amazing women, Adele and Marilyn. 

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